Rules & Terms

Ipswich100 Participation Terms and Conditions

I understand that participation in the 2019 Ipswich100 Bike Ride involves riding on public roads used by other traffic and I am aware of the hazards involved.  In my judgement I/My Child/My Family has sufficient confidence and experience to participate in this ride.  I shall ensure that I/my child/my family will abide by the rules governing use of the roads and follow any directions given to me by any Ipswich100 event personnel. I hereby release and exempt and indemnify the organisers, sponsors and other persons and organisations involved in any of the 2019 Ipswich100 events from all actions, proceedings, demands and costs, expense and claims whatsoever made or taken by any persons arising out of my/Family’s participation in the 2019 Ipswich100. I accept the organisers reserve the right to refuse entry to the event and to change the published route or details from that described, without notice. I consent to the publication and or use in any form of media whatsoever of my name, image, voice, statements or otherwise, before, during or after the event whether for advertising, promotion or otherwise, without payment or compensation.

Refunds are not given.  If for unforeseen reasons at the time of registration, the event is cancelled or you are unable to take part on the day, registered riders can transfer their registration to another rider or will be given a complementary entry for the same event on the next advertised date for the Ipswich100 Bike Ride.  Notification of deferring or transferring your 2019 registration must be sent to the Ipswich100 organising committee in writing. Please use the ‘contact us’ page on the website.

Receipt of payment from participant registrations will be taken as acceptance of these terms and conditions


  • No refunds are given – please choose your event carefully.
  • An additional charge of $10 per person will apply for registrations made on the day of the event excluding the Kids Caper event.
  • Children under the age of 16 years of age must carry a signed consent form with them and ride with a responsible adult.  Printable from is available on the Ipswich100 website.
  • All team members to register separately.
  • Online registrations will remain open until 3pm Saturday 30th March.
  • Your credit card will be charged by the Ipswich Hospital Foundation. Should this be queried and the IHF face chargeback costs, your registration will be cancelled.
  • If necessary to cancel the event due to poor weather notification will appear on the Ipswich100 web site and our facebook page.


Ipswich100 Event Rules

Click HERE to access Queensland Bicycle road rules and safety:

Become familiar with riding in large groups.  Read Riding in a Peleton guidelines HERE

Participants under the age of 16 are to carry an appropriately signed copy of the parent or guardian waiver form.  Downlaod a copy of the form HERE:

If emergency help is required stop an event support vehicle, ask for assistance at any of the rest stops, if nearby, or call for help on 0459 593 689 .

Maximum ride times for each of the four events are stipulated in the event support time listed under each event.  While event organisers will make every effort to  ensure that all participants return to USQ to complete the event they have entered there are practical limitations to just how long support facilities at the USQ campus can remain in operation.  Events are organised to have all rides back at the finish point by 2:00 pm.  In compliance with our operational requirements and granted permissions all event facilities will close at 3:00pm.  Following this time the site will be packed up and cleared in readiness for normal USQ operations the next day.

In an effort to ensure all riders are able to meet the requirements Imperial 100 participants who do not reach C Beckwith Rd at the  64.61 km point by 9:30am will be require to detour onto the Classic 100 route.  Any who choose to continue on the 169km route will not be supported by the official event support team.

Quick reference to documents:
Queensland Bicycle road rules and safety HERE

Peleton Guidelines HERE

Parent/Guardian Form HERE