Ipswich 100 2020

Joining an Ipswich100 Team

How to join a team

  1. http://www.ipswich100.com.au
  2. Click the REGISTER NOW button
  3. The first screen of the entry process will ask you which event you would like to
    participate in. Make your selection.
  4. Select Join Team
  5. Search for the team

    TIP: The search box works with partial matches and it’s often easier to find your team by
    putting in less information. (e.g. if your team is called “Body Joy Fitness Hub”, just put
    “Body” in the search box to return all matches).

  6. Once you have found the team, enter the password (if applicable) into the team
    password box and press the green join
  7. Once logged into your team, follow the prompts to complete the entry process.