Ipswich 100 2020

Managing a Team

Log into your team at any time here: https://ihf.director.nz

Log into your team using your email address and team manager password. Remember to use your
team manager password, don’t confuse it with your team access password. If you can’t remember
your team manager password, use the password recovery tab to have it emailed to you.

Once logged into the dashboard you can:

  • Access a direct entry link to forward to your team members (click ‘set up’). By using this link to
    register, your team members will be entering straight into your team – easy!
  • Manage your own entries, as well as those of your team
  • View and print eTickets for your team members
  • View your own receipts through ‘My Purchases’

To manage your team, simply go to ‘My Teams’ and click ‘Control Panel’. Here you will find details of
all team members who have registered. If you have selected the ‘pay later’ option for your team
you may see two types of team members. Accepted and Queued.

Accepted members are those whose entries have been paid for and have been accepted as entrants
in Recruitment 24/7 Ipswich100.

Queued members are those whose entries HAVE NOT been paid for (only applies to teams who
opted for the ‘pay later’ option), and are NOT accepted as entrants in the Recruitment 24/7
Ipswich100. You can choose some or all of these “queued” entries and complete payment for them.

Please note entries are NOT confirmed until payment is received. Therefore, it is important to pay
for team members as early as possible to guarantee their entry.

If you are also participating as part of the team don’t forget to register yourself into the team.

For any assistance with your team please contact ashton@ihfoundation.org.au or 1300 736 428