About Us

The Ipswich100 is more than a bike ride.

We are an event leader in the charitable health and wellness sector referred to as “the original and best fundraising bike ride” in Ipswich and the Scenic Rim.

The Ipswich100 was established 25 years ago by the Brisbane West Lions Club and is now organised and run in association with the Ipswich Hospital Foundation.

On Sunday, 24 March, Ipswich100 will celebrate its’ 25th event.

This community event is an opportunity for all road cyclists to tackle one of the three courses on offer.  The Imperial 100 mile is a great challenge for seasoned riders, the 100 km for the fit weekend warrior and the 50 km for the newer rider wanting to test their riding skills on a very flat course with a rest stop at 25 km.

All rides are fully supported with rest stops strategically placed approximately every 25 km’s, We also offer breakdown support and transport back to the starting point if required.  The 50 km ride takes you on an adventure in the Ipswich area which passes through Rosewood and along one of boundaries of the Amberley Air Base before making its way back to the finish line at the USQ.  The100k and 100 mile rides take participants into the beautiful Scenic Rim before heading back to the Finish line at the University of Southern Queensland Ipswich campus.

The Ipswich100 commitment

  • WE are encouraging
  • We donate all proceeds to charity
  • WE are family-orientated and inclusive
  • WE offer support for our riders and their safety
  • WE have a strong focus on health and wellness
  • WE are the original and best charitable bike ride in Ipswich and the Scenic Rim

We look forward to you joining us on Sunday, 24 March 2024!