Imperial 100 Challenge

About the Recruitment 24/7 Imperial 100 Challenge

At just over 100 miles this ride passes through spectacular countryside just inside the Scenic Rim and follows the Classic 100 ride to the 64km mark. Just beyond Harrisville the route diverges towards Kalbar, skirts Lake Moogerah and ascends Mt Alford before a sharp straight descent and a great run to Boonah for the 114.5km point. The route then follows the recently resealed Hoya Road and on to the much maligned “dirty dozen” row of tormenting hills before re-joining the Classic 100 ride near the original diversion.

The Recruitment 24/7 “Imperial 100 Challenge” is an iconic one day ride of moderate difficulty to challenge seasoned and elite cyclists. It has significant bragging rights.

Please note:

  • Working head and tail lights are mandatory for the early start of this ride
  • Those failing to reach the 64km diversion point by 9:30am will be asked to follow the classic 100 route

Start Time: 6:00 am

Event briefing 5:55am

Rest Stops

The Recruitment 27/7 Imperial 100 ride has five on route refreshment stops at the 20.5, 52.5, 77.1, 114.5 and 143.5 km points – Rosewood, Warrill View, Kalbar, Boonah, Peak Crossing.

Turn around point

With 100km left to go, riders who don’t reach the 64km mark (junction of Kalbah Peak Crossing Rd and C Beckwiths Rd) by 9:30am will be redirected to continue on the Classic 100 route. Other participants are free to take this shorter route any time before this if they wish to do so.

Event Support Time

Organisers have allowed 8 hours for participants to complete this ride. Every reasonable effort will be made to support participant as needed during this time.

For ride support during the event: 0459 593 689

Course Description

The Imperial 100 Challenge is an iconic event attracting the fittest cyclists from Southeast Queensland and beyond. It provided just the right mix of long flat sections and mild to moderate gradients (2 at 4% and 1 at 5%) to provide an experience well worth the training.

At around the 120km mark the “dirty dozen” can break up the pack if you’re not ready for them. This series of hills is known not so much for their gradients but more for the seemingly relentless number in close proximity to each other.

The route is laid out with appropriate signs showing the way and all rides are well supported by our volunteer marshals and support drivers.

While every effort will be made to support all who do this ride on the day we recommend that participants ensure they are fit enough to average no less than 22km/hour for this event (including time taken for rest stops). This equates to a total participation time of no more than 8 hours.

Participants unable to reach the 64km point before 9:30am will be re-directed onto the Classic 100 route.

The route is laid out with appropriate signs showing the way, lead and follow vehicles and road marshals to ensure cyclists follow the designated route.