Conditions of Riding

On the Road:- 

  • Qld Police have the authority to inspect, delay, halt or cancel the event at any stage in the interests of road safety or the safety of the community.  
  • Obey all Queensland Road rules, this is an open road event and roads are not closed to traffic.  
  • Keep to the left on the road to allow clear passage for other vehicles.  
  • Obey directions given by QLD Police, course marshals and event staff.  
  • Respect and follow the signage/directions which have been put in place by the event organisers.  
  • Don’t pass on the left of a cyclist and always signal and call when you are passing or stopping.  
  • Riders to be aware that they may encounter slower riders on the course. Please respect other riders and do not ride in a way that could jeopardise their safety or your own.  

 Be Prepared 

  • Ensure you are fit enough to complete you nominated distance, remember there is a big hill to climb at the end! 
  • Hydrate well and ensure you have sufficient nutrition pre-ride.  
  • Bring along 2 x PRE-FILLED water bottles, and nutritional snacks water bananas and watermelon will be available at the rest stops.  
  • Ensure you bring along any medication you require.  
  • Make sure your bike is in good working order before the event.  
  • Check your tyres and carry adequate spares in case of a mechanical i.e. Inner tubes, pump or CO2 inflator and canisters, tyre levers, multi-tool. 
  • Riders should be able to fix a puncture by themselves. 
  • Please respect the environment by not throwing your litter on the event course. There are bins at each rest stop for your rubbish. 


First Aid and Emergency Assistance 

  • For Ambulance – Fire Services – Police – Dial 000 
  • Event Information 0427 578 641 


Heritage Karalee – Ipswich100 is a ride NOT a race. Dangerous riding will result in exclusion and police involvement.  

Wear an Australian approved helmet at all times, no helmet = no ride. 

Ensure you have corrected fitted your ride number bib to the front of your bike. This will identify you on course, in case of an incident during the ride.