The Brisbane West Lions Club is looking forward to welcoming you to the Heritage Karalee – Ipswich100 Bike Ride.

This page has some brief information on the most common questions we get asked. If you have another question not covered here, please contact us here.

Healthy Reminders

  • Please do not attend our event if you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms
  • Stay at home if unwell or have a cough, fever, sore throat, fatigue, or shortness of breath
  • Seek assistance from event officials if you become unwell at the event
  • Maintaining physical distancing requirements
  • Practise good hygiene

What times does the event start?

The Heritage Karalee – Ipswich100 will be held on Sunday 24 March 2024.

  • Imperial 100 Challenge (169km) – 6.00am
  • St Andrew’s Private Hospital – Classic 100 (100km) – 6.30am
  • Fun Filled 50 (50km) – 7.00am

Please arrive at least 30mins before your start time to collect your race kit and check-in.

Start and finish

The University of Southern Qld Ipswich campus off Salisbury Road, Ipswich is again the start and finish location.

For cyclists arriving by car, access is only via Parker Ave off Warwick Road.

Ride Kits

All riders should check in to the registration /check in desk. 
Ride kits will be available for collection on event date, unless previously received in the mail.

Please have you tax Invoice / receipt ready at check in. 


Parking is accessed and vacated via Parker Avenue from /to Warwick Road south of the Ipswich show grounds. Ride officials will direct participants to car parking areas shown as P2, P3 P4 and P5 as required on the morning of the event. Click here to view map.


Toilet facilities are available at all refreshment stops and signed onsite at USQ Ipswich in the buildings behind P1. Click here to view map.

Water Stations

Water is provided at the USQ site and each of the refreshment stops.


Ipswich Hospital Foundation sunscreen will be provided at all rest stops and at Registration at USQ Ipswich.

Event Facilities

Event facilities such as registration, refreshments, physiotherapy, ride logistics and administration etc. will be located in or near P1. Click here to view map.

Ride Assemble Point

Ride events will start and finish on the USQ campus via Salisbury road. Note: There will be no access to car parks from this entry on the day.
Pre-ride assembly is on “The Crescent” up hill toward the area marked as U2. n the case of an emergency, please refer to the map for the emergency assembly point.  Click here to view the map.

Ride Support

If you require support please call the emergency number: 0427 578 641

Each event is supported by a lead and follow up vehicle in an effort to warn other road users of rider presence on the road.

Additional support vehicles will be on the each of the routes until the last rider is back at the USQ facility.

Each event is clearly marked to show riders the way. Signs providing directions and at times describing what is ahead, in addition to advising riders of road conditions and appropriate riding practice are placed around the routes where appropriate. These are in addition to arrows indicating a change in direction or where longer distances are involved confirming that riders are on the right route.  Marshals are strategically placed at critical road junctions.

Signs are also erected to warn motorist of the cycling event where this is needed.

99 Bikes Ipswich will provide bike repair support where individuals are not able to fix unexpected breakdowns.

While riders should carry sufficient spare tube to get them through, the ride support vehicles will carry a quantity of spares to assist where necessary.

Each support vehicle will carry a water supply

“SAG” (support and gear) wagon will be available to ferry participants and their bicycle to the nearest rest stop or back to USQ if necessary. These can be accessed via a support vehicle, at any rest stop or by calling the emergency number that will appear on the rider participation wrist band provided in the registration package.

If you require support please call the emergency number: 0427 578 641

Rest Stops

Event Number of refreshment stops Where
“Fun Filled 50” 2 Rosewood
 “St Andrew’s Ipswich Private Hospital – Classic 100” 3 Rosewood
Warrill View
Peak Crossing
 “Imperial 100 Challenge” 5 Rosewood
Warrill View
Peak Crossing

All Refreshment stops will provide a selection of fruit buns and sport drinks.

Participants under 18 years

Age requirements

  •  Imperial 100 Challenge is open to participants aged 16 years and older.
  • St Andrew’s Ipswich Private Hospital Classic 100 is open to participants aged 16 years and older.
  • Fun Filled 50 is open to participants aged 13 years and older.

NOTE: Participants aged 16 years or under on the event day will need to be accompanied by an adult at all times while riding in the Heritage Karalee – Ipswich100 events.

Road rules

All participants should understand and comply with the Qld government bicycle road rules and safety, see here

Heritage Karalee – Ipswich100 is a ride NOT a race. Dangerous riding will result in exclusion and police involvement.  

Wear an Australian approved helmet at all times, no helmet = no ride. 

Ensure you have corrected fitted your ride number bib to the front of your bike. This will identify you on course, in case of an incident during the ride.  

 For further information regarding road rules and safety notes please see our “Conditions of “Riding” page.  

If I cannot participate, am I able to transfer my entry?

Yes, before 5:00pm FOUR days prior to the event. Transferring your registration can only be done via request using the form on the Contact page. Changes have not been made unless you get a reply email to confirm the change has been made.

What health & safety measures have Ipswich 100 put in place?

Heritage Karalee – Ipswich100 is working with all the relevant authorities to ensure we are able to deliver the safest event possible for everyone involved.

We will be monitoring all government advice and regulations regularly and will continue to work with all relevant authorities prior to the event and on event night to ensure that the event is as safe as possible.

We will communicate with all participants regularly as to any changes they should expect or any new rules and regulations around the event.

We also ask that any participant who are not feeling well or who are showing any mild symptoms such as cough, fever, shortness of breath or fatigue, to stay home and not attend the event.

If for unforeseen reasons at the time of registration, the event is cancelled the organisers will automatically refund all registrations, minus the ticketing fee.

What are the terms and conditions?