Ipswich 100 2020

Creating a Team in the Ipswich100

How to create a new team

  1. http://www.ipswich100.com.au
  2. Click the REGISTER NOW button
  3. When you begin to register for the Recruitment 24/7 Ipswich100, the first screen of
    the entry process will ask you to select a distance. Select any distance as this simply
    brings up the team prompt
  4. To create a team, select the ‘create a team’ option.
  5. Enter your name and a password. This password will get you into the team manager
    dashboard later on and is also your personal password for the tiktok registration
  6. Enter a team name
  7. Enter a team password. We strongly recommend you include a password for your
    team to ensure only people you want as part of your team can join.
  8. Select the payment option for the team. Teams can either require individuals to pay
    as they enter or for the team manager to pay for all team members at a later date.*If you select “The team manager will pay later”, the team manager is responsible for
    finalising the payment online by credit card for all team members
  9. Once finished select “Create My Team”. You will be taken to the Team Manager
    Dashboard, from where you can manage your team. You will also receive an email
    confirming the creation of your team, and providing access to the Team Manager
  10. If you are wanting to participate don’t forget to register yourself in the team!

PLEASE NOTE: If you have selected the ‘pay later’ option for payment, it is important to
pay for your team entry as soon as possible. Entries are NOT confirmed until payment is